Other Offerings

A combination of these offerings can be curated. Investment will be determined after consultation.

$TBD - 75 minutes to two hours

Lactation and Infant Feeding Support

This supports lactation, digestion, circulation and healing of the postpartum body. Also, supports trans men, trans women and non-binary individuals that wish to breastfeed or body feed. One does not need to have given birth to do so. A session is focused on revitalizing our relationship with this sacred food. It may include a moxa treatment, womb massage, nutrition guidance, herbal guidance and stress management techniques. Families and parents are educated around bottle feeding/artificial milk if that is the chosen method. 

$222+ two hours

Womb Wellness

Each session is curated to individual needs. Typically includes a combination of healing modalities which may incorporate body work, embodiment practices and trauma work.

$TBD - 75 minutes to 90 minutes

Yin/Restorative Yoga

Time to restore, replenish, relax, renew and optimize your well-being. Will integrate physical body, subtle energy body, emotional body and mental body. Some sessions will include chanting, adjustments in the posture and pranayama.

$144 one hour

Reiki / Energy Sessions

Includes Reiki, chakra alignment, plant medicine and grounding practice.

$188 - 75 minutes

Sound Healing and Reiki

Ancestral sound tools, singing bowls, crystal grid and Reiki.

$155 and up (virtual available) 75 minutes+


Individual breathwork session with guided meditation.

$99-$133 one hour+

Sacral Steam

A healing herbal steam for the womb space. Promotes healing, circulation and grounding after birth. Addresses concerns and ailments tied to the moon cycle, retained placenta, care after a loss, care after pregnancy release, trauma, chakras and overall health.

$250+ two hours

Energy Clearing

Each session is approached with holistic care. Several healing practices can be used. Some sessions will include a sacral steam, breathwork, tapping, chakra alignment, energy work/Reiki, body work, plant medicine, sound healing, crystal grid and chanting.


Postpartum Closing / Cerradas Postparto

Heals the womb and nourishes the soul. A postpartum ceremony to mark and close this sacred period. This practice will require infant/childcare, as I soley tend to the birthing person. Some elements may incorporate a ceremonial alter, energy work, body work/sobada, sacral steam, ceremonial bath, bone closing, plant medicine, sound healing and belly binding.


Sacred Mentorship

This support is on going. Time and investment concluded after consultation ($30 consultation for 30 minutes and will be applied to mentorship investment). OTHER OFFERINGS: A combination of these offerings can be curated. Investment will be determined after consultation.